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Travel Tryouts


Players wishing to play for one of Montville Youth Soccer's Travel Teams must attend tryouts.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time to allow for check-in.


Tryout Dates    

Girls Divisions                                   

1st Tryout: Friday May 19th or Sunday May 21st            Camp Oakdale            Time to be determined

2nd Tryout: Saturday June 3rd                                      Camp Oakdale            Time to be determined


Boys Divisions

1st Tryout:  Sunday May 19th                                       Camp Oakdale             Time to be determined 

2nd Tryouth: Sunday June 4th                                       Camp Oakdale            Time to be determined



Players MUST ATTEND BOTH of the tryout dates. Missing a tryout may affect a players' chance of being placed on a travel team.  Exceptions can only be made by the Executive Board of MYSC and will be done so sparingly.